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Welcome to
My Tribute To
Eric Scott Woods!!
I think that he is a very talented actor and deserved some recognition. If there's anyone else who thinks the same way I do, please let me know!
Here are a few facts about him.
6 feet
Birthdate:January 8
Birthplace:Palo Alto, CA
Education:University of California at Berkeley with degrees in economics and finance
Here are some of his Favorite things.
Favorite vacation spot:
The Virgin Islands
Favorite color:forest green
Favorite month:January 8
Favorite junk food:Potato chips
Favorite ice cream flavor:Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite pizza topping:sausage
Favorite flower:rose
Favorite Woman:Carla, his wife

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Eric was on Another World from 1994-1995 as
Evan Frame


Tragic Couples
Others shows & Stuff Eric was in!
"Silk Stalkings" (1991) playing "Ed Drummond" in episode: "Pirates Of Palm Beach"12/10/1997 "Fired Up" (1997) playing "Ralph" in episode: "Ten Grand a Dance" 12/01/1997 "Walker, Texas Ranger" (1993) playing "Mitch Forman" in episode: "Ghost Rider" 10/05/1996 "JAG" (1995) playing "Lt. Marcus" in episode: "Pilot Error" 11/4/1995
Quantum Leap" (1989) in episode: "Goodbye Norma Jean: April 4, 1960" 03/02/1993 "Ally McBeal" (1998) playing "Jack Clooney" in episode: "Just Looking" 11/16/98 "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) playing "Paul Kirkpatrick" in episode "Murder x 4" 12/3/98 "Charmed"(1998)playing "Jeremy Burns" in episode "Somthing Wicca this way comes" 10/7/98 (the Pilot)
and in episode "Witch Trial" 10/20/99

"Freshman Dorm" (1992)
playing "john" in episode "My boyfriends back" and "The Scarlett Letter"
"Baywatch Nights" (1996)
Guest star in episode "Thin Blood" 2/10/1996
"Pacific Blue" playing "Jerry Beck" in episode: "Trust" 4/11/1999
"VIP" playing "Sergeant Roarke" in episode: "Uncle from Val" 11/3/2001
"Judging Amy" playing "Roger Cathcart" in episode "Surprised by Gravity" 11/27/2001
Hurly Burly, Lone Star, Boy's Life,
Streamers, Loose Ends and Advice from a Caterpillar
,Minding Goodman

"Mutual Needs"(1997)
playing "Michael Taggens"

Millennium Man (1999) playing "Mark Damon"

"Fuck"- the Movie Playing Himself.
Ahh the beauty of the multifarious inflections of“the f-word.”
He runs around searching for a towel guessed it!

"The Midget stays in the picture"(2003)

The Next Race: The Remote Viewings
playing Crecilius Pryme (2009)

"Ghost Game" (2004)
playing Simon Brady

"April's Fools" (2010)
playing Casper

"Immortal Island" (2009)
playing Captain Jack

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Eric Scott Woods